Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life as it is..

It's been awhile since I've written here. In fact over a year!
A lot changed in life, I thought a lot about what matters to me the most and why. I had to have a one on one with myself to come up with the answer. I went snowboarding, just me,myself, and I. I didn't want to talk about idealism and what I think matters to me, or what looks good to matte to me. I wanted to be able to say I've done x, y, and z; therefore, a matter to me the most . I dug really had into my past : growing up in Iran, coming to America, what I did as a child, what I didn't do as a teen, what I tried to accomplish as an adult.. and in the heart of it all lies the answer : Change! I wanted to be the agency of the change for the better. I've done that my whole life. I continued to do that, regardless of the limitations that wearing hijab brought upon me while in high school , and I do that till this day.. every single day..
I also got a new job. Leaving the company I was with, Raytheon, was very difficult. I had mixed feeling. I could not believe how sad I was , rather than happy, to say goodbye. To leave behind years of great work, to leave behind, colleagues who had became friends, and to start from scratch. Having to prove myself as a female engineer, who is more than just a bubble head. Change is good.. it's scary, but necessary. If we don' challenge ourselves, we'll never improve. All are cliches, but in reality, once you get used to change, it's not so bad. The thought of change, the idea behind it.. once we get agility, it is not at all so bad.

My new job is different... the culture is very very different. I'm still learning. Love my supervisor. I've been so "blessed" I've never worked for someone I don't like or someone who likes to micromanage me. Recently, I became a certified Scrum Master. Exciting things.. and just when I thought there's no way I can incorporate much of that at work, the opportunity presented itself for me to do just that. We are still in the pre- preliminary stages,but it's exciting.. to be the change agent , to foster a culture of collaboration, to make individuals act as a team, and to make products that are extra ordinary.

Innovations and I go way back.. I've been working with couple of people in my new company, trying to put together an innovation team, trying to empower engineers, trying to make dreamers dreams come to reality and make ideas into business opportunities.

My business partner and I mixed our passions for engineering and fitness and created StayFit. We are working very hard to make sure it comes to life. I love fitness, I love changing lives.. I love making people realize how CAPABLE they are and how much they can do. I love making people believe in the simple reality that mind is over body...

I can't lie.. I'm thankful.. for all I have..
"I own a loaf of bread, a bit of intelligence, a tiny amount of taste!
I possess a mother better than the leaf
Friends, better than the running brook
And a God who is nearby
Within these gillyflowers, at the foot of yonder lofty oak,
On the stream's awareness, on the plant's law "