Thursday, July 17, 2014

Moving Forward

Life has been crazy as usual = ) I’ve been spending many many nights at PeopleSpace. Met some VERY COOL people! Got dragged into some node.js introductions.

As far as the StayFit progress goes.  It’s moving along. We found a design company to do the mockups. The guy is pretty cool . Surfer dude and all.. we loved the designer and met him at the entrepreneur revolution. Turns out this surfer looking dude is partners with the course instructor’s brother!
As much as I loved the artist himself, I wasn’t sure about the partner’s commitment. As he always has an excuse or was trying to upsale .

We had a good 3~4 hours deep session with the designer, helping him understand our vision. Understand where we were coming from and why we were so passionate about it.

Met some cool people at PeopleSpace last night. These guys were working on creating a facility for afterschool programs for kids. They were so passionate about it. It reminded me of how fortunate I was. Not to sound ignorant, but there are kids that don’t even know or think that they need to go to college. Life after high school for them is just that. Life after highschool.

My girlfriend is working on an iOS app and is trying to learn objective C.  Poor thing was hammered left and right by random strangers commenting on how ancient objective C is and how she should learn Swift.  It’s neat to see people in the community care so much.

As much as I love being a bit more active in the tech scene. It’s really cutting into my personal life. I went there straight from work and was there till 11 30 or so. By the time I got home, I was so exhausted, barely brushed my teeth and passed out. Next day, rise and shine , once again, at 4:30 AM, hit the gym and then off to my full time job…. 

Anyhow, glad to see that I’m finally taking actions.. let’s see where this road takes me. 

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