Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reality... New Beginnings

Yes I know! Another period of being MIA on this blog. I've been busy shaking the boat at corporate and walking away on not so good terms. Now I work at a small company that's considered a start-up. I've never been so away from engineering . I manage our projects and see them come to life. It's nice because my hands are open in what needs to happen, I make a change in the world and I'm learning every single day. At the end of the day, the industry is not my passion and I work for someone else.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm just a dreamer. A girl who dreams big and is so naive to believe. Believe in humanity, believe in making a change, believe.. believe that she was put on this planet by a higher being to resolve problems and make an impact. Change... those 5 letters excite me. As you may have read in my posts, I've been talking about being an entrepreneur for a long time. I am full of ideas with a great lack of execution. Recently I really started being more involved. I want to make this happen. Sometimes I wonder, maybe I should just quit my work and focus on my ideas 100% of the time. Well, that won't be very logical now will it ? : - )
My partner and I got involved at PeopleSpace. They have tons of great advice, which really was like a reality slap to the face. We chose one of our many many many ideas and are making mock ups for it. Right now I'm working on the survey questions for it. I will be documenting our progress in here:
Jan 2012 :
Idea Generation
Jan 2013:
Idea Pivot
We stayed up till morning few nights out of our eureka moment = )
December 2013:
LLC - CSpeed Solution was formed
Jan 2014 and March 2014:
Lots of talk with a lack of action
Lots of $$$ spent to go to seminars
April 2014:
Bad corporate expereince, left without having a job, so started focusing on this again..
Elevator / taxi cab speeches were done
Started putting requirements and business deck together
June 2014:
Started looking for developers. Learned a lot:
  • Don't go to India unless you are BIG
  • Stay LOCAL so you can meet and greet
  • Have your requirements ready
July 2014:
We tried to do the mockups ourselves. We are not really artsy, as we are engineers and know little about design. The tools out there for mockups were horrible! So we are now paying for a designer to design them for us.

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